Beginner's Sewing Course 

Six Week Course Starting Wednesday 1st March 2023 2023

10am - 12.15pm | Larruperz Centre, Ross-on-Wye

Over this six week in-person course, you will be making TWO Japanese Knot Bags (your very own bags for life!), traditionally used by Japanese Geisha's to carry their belongings underneath their Kimonos.  My students have used them for everything from their shopping, to their sewing kit for classes, to - umm - poo bags when out dog walking.  Ahem.   

If you would like to extend your skills and build your confidence, there will be the option to do a second six week term starting Wednesday 19th April, ending Tuesday 24th May in which we will make a fabric pot, a zipper cushion, and (if we have time) an apron, and finally a lesson on machine maintenance and trouble-shooting.  The fee for this second term will be £95 and you won't need to pay until just before term 2.

During your first term of Beginner's Sewing, you will be learning:
  • All about your machine and its various dials and switches and what they do
  • ​How to thread your machine
  • ​How to change your sewing machine needles
  • ​What each of your sewing machine feet does and how to change them
  • ​The different types of threads that you need for sewing (and why they are not all created equal)
  • ​The different types of sewing machine needles and which needles you need for which projects
  • ​How to sew in a straight line
  • ​How to deal with curves
  • ​How to top-stitch
  • ​How to lock stitch
  • ​The essentials list for your sewing kit
And in our second term, you will be moving up a gear, building your confidence and learning:
  • All about interfacing...what it is, how to use, when to use it and what weight you would use for which project
  • ​Simple bag making technique (with our fabric pot)
  • ​How to insert a zip
  • ​How to do do basic machine maintenance, and trouble shoot problems with your machine
  • ​How to make binding - and why and when you need the two different types of binding
  • ​How to make a buttonhole
  • ​How to do the two basic - but essential - hand stitches
You will have plenty of time for questions and practicing your new found skills throughout the course.
The dates for the course (term 1) are:

Wednesday 1st March 2023
Wednesday 8th March 2023
Wednesday 15th March 2023
Wednesday 22nd March 2023
Wednesday 29th March 2023
Wednesday 5th April 2023

Time for every class is 10am - 12.15pm.

The Larruperz Centre has a large free car park adjoining it.  

We will be in Room 6 which is on the 1st floor. There is a lift that you can use if you don’t want to carry your sewing machine and sewing kit upstairs.

 Full joining instructions (including postcode) will be sent to as soon as you have enrolled.
From Newent - allow approximately 17 minutes
From Ledbury - allow approx 22 minutes
From Monmouth - allow approx 19 minutes
From Cinderford - allow approx 18 minutes
PLEASE NOTE - materials and threads aren't included; although you will receive a 10% discount from my online shop if you want to buy your fabric from me. Your discount code will be sent to you via email after you have booked.

Who Am I To Be Teaching You This?

Hi! I’m Kim. I’m a mum to two teenagers, soon to be wife (second time around), a cat lover, love pottering in our garden and enjoy country walks on blustery autumn days and then sitting by the fire with tea and cake when we get home.

I’ve been sewing for well over 44 years and have always had a fascination and love for this amazing hobby, from my first faltering steps when I was aged 8 through to teaching now.

Sewing is such an enjoyable and addictive hobby and incredibly good for our mental health.  Once you have learned to use your sewing machine and sew, there are so many directions you can move into, depending on what you feel drawn to.  That could be making items for your home, or making clothes, going into quilting or perhaps trying your hand at bag-making.

I would LOVE for you to start sewing with confidence and find your new sewing friends and community.

I specialise in teaching complete beginners how to sew (including children) as well as beginners and those wanting to build their confidence in all aspects of patchwork and quilting.

If you want to learn to sew, then get yourself enrolled for my next course today. 

I promise you a fun filled, practical course where you'll be sewing confidently by the end of it - and with projects that you're proud of.

Student Gallery

I can’t WAIT to teach you how to sew confidently and with lots of fun. I’m on a mission to help fifty people this year get started with this wonderful hobby and find fun, joy and friendship. Will you be one of them?

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